Flora Floor Detail

Viewed from across the expanse of an art gallery, Flora Floor looks like nothing more than a large, dark, glassy surface. But those who accept the invitation to shed their shoes and "please walk on the glass" will feel as though they've entered a lush world of delicate flowers and leafy tendrils that seem to reach up from below. Holograms depicting a variety of botanical imagery project out from the glass surface, creating the unique sensation of walking on and through the flora and rockery. At the same instant, a motion detector cues a recording of wild sounds, completing the sensual transformation from hushed gallery to botanical oasis. Stepping away from the Flora Floor, the holographic images vanish and the natural sounds fade, leaving only the dark slab of glass.

For a participant, the installation is an exploration of ecological memories, one in which a sense of discovery is enhanced by the incongruous sensory input. You see the stereo images, hear the natural sounds, yet feel only the hard glass beneath your feet. The images imply renewal, but remain only a product of technology. They are shadows of what we have lost and of what we are losing.